Dec 2, 2015

Top 6 best yoga gear store in New York City

Where to buy yoga gear in NYC? There are more yoga stores but this it the best yoga gear shop in New York.

At the first, you need to know that yoga is more than simply a fitness routine. The term itself encompasses religion, its philosophy and the practices and disciplines, which define yoga. The physical exercise, techniques, and postures of yoga have sprouted variations that have catapulted the regimen into one of the most popular ways to stay fit and healthy.


Upper East Side
1026 3rd Ave.,
New York, NY 10065
(212) 888-9642

With two locations to choose from in the Big Apple — one downtown and one in the Upper East Side — ISHTA Yoga sells props, skin and hair care, jewelry, and NEST candles, along with a full inventory of yoga gear to maximize your experience. ISHTA Yoga believes the “boutique is yours;” if the shop doesn’t carry what you’re looking for, the staff will order it for you! The boutique is an extension of all ISHTA offers, which includes classes, teacher training, workshops, events, scheduled retreats and spa services.

Integral Yoga Shop

227 W. 13 St.,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-0585

Located at the Integral Yoga Institute, IY Shop enhances the experience of all that is yoga. IY offers books, meditation cushions, yoga mats, clothing and “spiritually uplifting gift items to inspire your journey of awakening. IY promotes sustainability and fair trade for over 40 years. Integral Yoga has branched out to health, nutrition and wellness with Natural Foods and Natural Apothecary, which endorses the true meaning of yoga: “Living with the body, mind, and spirit in harmonious union.”


254 Windsor Place,
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 541-1382

YogaSole in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, is well known for its commitment to the art of yoga, and the studio’s dedication to the local consumer base. To enhance the experience, YogaSole has recently opened its yoga boutique. Along with “functional, comfortable, and stylish yogawear,” the salon’s store will offer sustainable, handcrafted accessories. Yoga enthusiasts can also purchase the Jade (no-slip) Yoga Mat, which is environmentally friendly.

Jivamukti Yoga NYC

841 Broadway 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-0214

As one of the oldest yoga centers in America, Jivamukti Boutique is a natural extension of the school’s tenets. Both the New York studio and online store features cruelty-free, animal-free, recycled, sustainable, and organic products. Choose from an array of body care, Jivamukti clothing, recipes and yoga books, teas, spirit beads and a variety of gear every yogi requires. Most of what is available online could be found in the Union Square yoga boutique.

Paragon Sports

867 Broadway,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 255-8889

Since 1908, Pargaon Sports on 18th and Broadway has been the go-to spot in New York City for sporting goods and apparel. While not relegated to all things yoga, Paragon boasts a large section of items related to and for the regimen. Choose from no-slip socks to Grippy Yoga Gloves, and all apparel and undergarments needed for a successful yoga experience, as well as equipment such as straps, mats, and yoga blocks. From June through August, Paragon Sports schedules fitness events in the neighborhood with Summer in the Square, including yoga classes.


15 Broad St
New York

Yoga is all about finding your inner Zen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fly while your perfecting every pose. Stemming from Indian roots and possessing a modern flair, the gear here is made from high-performance fabric and eco-friendly color-safe dyes. Scoop up clean and simple designs for women like leggings ($96) and tanks ($55) and Sherpa tees ($84) and long-sleeve shirts ($85) for men.

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