Dec 4, 2015

Top 10 best yoga pants store in New York City

New York City is filled with places to find yoga pants, from old (expensive) faithfuls like Lulumeon to pairs under $25 at Old Navy. Go to this eleven yoga wear stores to find the perfect pair for you.

Yoga pants: basically a closet necessity, but since not all are created equal, finding the right pair is an athletic feat in and of itself. Key criteria includes proper fit, a good amount of stretch, and fabric that's definitely not see-through.

Yoga pants. Photo via Athleta


6 E. 57th St
New York, NY 10022
(212) 891-6453

Photo: daniel c.

A word of caution: Niketown is probably going to be pretty packed when you stop by, no matter what time, but it has the largest selection of athletic apparel the brand offers (don't try to skip the crowds and go to Soho—they only have about two racks).

GapFit Concept Store

680 Fifth Ave, New York NY

Photo: GapFit Concept Store

At the end of last month, the GapFit Concept Store debuted in Midtown, stocked with GapFit athletic apparel, as well as other products for body and mind, like S'well water bottles and Prtty Peaushun body lotions. The store will be open until January 26th; after that, hit up the adjacent Gap store for all the fitness apparel.


640 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10019
(855) 466-7467

Photo: Brian Harkin

H&M's new range of activewear is a great start if you're not 100% sure you'll be keeping those resolutions—sportsbras start at $9.95, tanks start around $12.95, and leggings are around $24.95. A customer service rep explained that they're currently available online, and stores should be getting shipments in within the next few weeks. In the meantime, there's always e-comm.

lululemon athletica

408 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014

Photo: Driely S

Even with a faulty batch of sheer leggings, two shifts in CEOs, and a scandal that just kept getting worse, Lululemon's yoga pants are still at the top of their game. They'll cost you close to $100, and now, they're made of a new, two-years-in-the-making Full-On Luon

Icebreaker Touchlab

823 Washington St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 337-0616

Photo: Driely S

Practicing outdoors in colder temperatures? Icebreaker's merino wool leggings are lightweight enough to keep you sweat-free, but warm enough to hold a plank without catching a chill. Leggings range from 100% merino wool to blends that include more nylon and elastane, like the Rush Tights.


126 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-0512

Photo: Driely S

The latest outpost of this Gap Inc.-owned fitness apparel brand is now open in Flatiron, just a few blocks away from competitor Lululemon. Prices are a little cheaper, not by that much: full leggings hover around $70, and capris are generally over $50.

Ishta Yoga Downtown

56 E 11th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-4800
Yoga Studio

Photo: Ishtayoga

This Union Square yoga studio carries clothing from brands like Body Language, Beyond Yoga, Zobha, and more, as well as props and gear from Manduka. If tempted, stay for a class—drop in rates are $24, but a monthly new student membership is only $65. [Photo]

Adidas Sport Performance

610 Broadway
New York, NY 1001
(212) 529-0081

Photo: Driely S

If you can handle the crowds on Broadway, stop by the massive Adidas in Soho. Yoga pants from the Stella McCartney line start around $70, and pants from the Adidas brand in varying lengths and fit are also available.


303 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 680-1938

Photo: Driely S
This fitness gear megastore carries everything from hiking shoes to snow suits, but mixed in is a good selection of yoga pants. Brands carried include Lucy, Lole, prAna, and the house line.

Old Navy

503 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-0838

Photo: Brian E.

Don't knock them 'til you try them: Old Navy's workout leggings, which run under $30 a pair, are pretty amazing. Options vary from slim to flared, and compression styles will suck you in while you're bent forward.

Dec 2, 2015

Top 5 best yoga wear store in SoHo, Manhattan, New York

If you love yoga and live near SoHo, Manhattan, NY you need to know top 10 best yoga wear store in SoHo below:

lululemon athletica

481 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
b/t Broome St & Grand St
SoHo, Manhattan, NY
Phone number: (212) 334-8276

super sweet staff!!

Sasha W.'s review on Yelp, 167/2015

There is never a bad experience at Lululemon. Not only do I want to buy the whole store every time I visit, but I don't believe that any of their staff has ever had a bad day.
You'll probably be greeted when you walk in by their smiling, friendly employees - workers that are genuinely happy to be there, to help you. Where do they come from and can we throw them in MTA booths and behind post office counters??!

Clothing-wise - this stuff is made to last. I have worn down to their sweatiest existence tank tops, the classic stretch spandex, and even street-to-studio pants - yet none have shown any signs of wear.

Chelsea M.'s review on Yelp, 8/8/2014

This is a great Lululemon store. When my dad and I came in on Monday morning, we were greeted right away and told we were the first customers of the day. There were a few people working that morning and no one was pushy, even though a few of them came to say hello and told me about some of the products I was checking out (one told me the sale section was arranged by size, another told me about the different features of a product).

Veronique L.'s review on Yelp, 12/3/2013


112 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Spring St & Prince St
Phone number: (212) 226-6820

Thank you Lole for the amazing LoleWhiteTour at the Great Lawn in Central Park last night! It was a truly amazing and inspiring experience. It was a perfect spot to celebrate peace and wellness with 10,000 other yogis dressed in a sea of white/ yellow outfits. The event was a lot better than I had originally anticipated, considering that any free ticketed event in NYC can get chaotic. But this event was organized really well. I think the only "stressful" part of was finding a pair of white bottoms to wear because it's just not my favorite color to wear as pants. But it turns out you can just wear lighter color pants, which thankfully I have in other shades. So here is the rundown:

1. Dress code: a white top is a must, which symbolizes peace. A white top is much easier to find than a white bottom. According to their FAQ page, you can wear a lighter colored pants as a substitute.
2. Swag bag: One of the highlights of the event is obviously the freebies you get. The swag bag includes a free bottle of Fiji water (a sponsor), a Lole headband (a pretty good quality one too), a fitness magazine, and a discount card for full price item purchases at the Lole store. You also get a free Lole yoga mat.
3. This event is a picture-worthy event. Take loads of them. Bring your selfie-sticks. Or do the old fashion way and kindly ask your fellow yogis to take pictures of you.
4. Most importantly, absorb the surrounding. Be present. Let go of all the pressure, anxieties, and negative thoughts. Just smile.


Rowena Y.'s review on Yelp, 3/9/2015

Lole is a great brand for women's active wear and casual wear. I'm a big fan of their yoga pants and outdoor line in the winter. I'm also a supporter of the brand because they are committed to building a community of strong and active women through their free activity meet ups. They offer a variety of fitness classes and a running group on a weekly basis. Check out their Facebook page for dates and details.

Caroline A.'s review on Yelp, 8/18/2015

Exhale Soho

68-70 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
Phone number: (212) 561-7400

I've taken a total of 4 classes so far and absolutely loved it. It definitely kicked my tush. Instructors are informative, motivational and really sweet.

Quyen L.'s review on Yelp, 11/2/2015

Took Core Fusion Barre here. Contrary to some other reviewers, I felt like the instructor was attentive enough, to the point I started getting paranoid that she was annoyed with me for how bad I was at barre. I didn't catch her name but I thought she was a good instructor. Very energetic and encouraging (for the most part). But the apparent assumption that everyone there already knows what they're doing didn't work for me. It was my second time ever taking barre and the instructions were not descriptive - "Up! and out!" is not super helpful when you're facing a wall with your head down and one leg already up and out at an angle. Instructor did correct my position a couple (okay, a lot) of times but not show me how to actually do a move. Still, a good workout - my arms and legs were definitely aching by the end.

Joyce Y.'s review on Yelp, 11/22/2015

adidas Sport Performance

610 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
b/t Bleecker St & Houston St
SoHo, Greenwich Village, NoHo
Phone number: (212) 529-0081

Came here to pick up Superstar in a kids size that was out of stock online. There is only one associate (well at the time I went, a Thursday at noonish). They try to get as many peoples requests in at one time before heading back to the stock room. While this method is great when successful, he forgot what pair I wanted. He was pretty apologetic about it though and rushed right back.

Opal T.'s review on Yelp, 9/29/2015

There's a great selection here, almost always fully stocked. I came here for a pair of Superstars in size 4, which have been out of stock online for months, and I got them right away.
This location is super crowded though - full of tourists and foreigners who loiter around for long periods of time and yell loudly across the store. Obviously, this isn't the store's problem, but you might need to maneuver your way around the tourists unscathed.

Skye I.'s review on Yelp, 8/17/2015


486 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
b/t Broome St & Grand St
Phone number: (212) 226-6954

Love the style and merchandising. Bought some amazing boots that I thought were not on sale but surprisingly were at checkout!!!! Score!!!

Robin P.'s review on Yelp, 9/28/2015

TWO story Madewell?!?!? *Gasps!* Be still my wanna-be hipsterish preppy heart!
Service here was amazing and they have a really healthy sale section. AND it was additional 40% off!! *Le Sigh!*
I love their boots and sure enough... my favorite pair was on sale. So I had to order another pair in black. They didn't have my size but the gal at the front was nice enough to order them for me and apply the 40% off AND a student discount!
The boots showed up in California within a week! Yay for sales!! And Yay for so much wonderful Madewell goodness!

Vicky L.'s reviw on Yelp, 2/3/2015

Top 6 best yoga gear store in New York City

Where to buy yoga gear in NYC? There are more yoga stores but this it the best yoga gear shop in New York.

At the first, you need to know that yoga is more than simply a fitness routine. The term itself encompasses religion, its philosophy and the practices and disciplines, which define yoga. The physical exercise, techniques, and postures of yoga have sprouted variations that have catapulted the regimen into one of the most popular ways to stay fit and healthy.


Upper East Side
1026 3rd Ave.,
New York, NY 10065
(212) 888-9642

With two locations to choose from in the Big Apple — one downtown and one in the Upper East Side — ISHTA Yoga sells props, skin and hair care, jewelry, and NEST candles, along with a full inventory of yoga gear to maximize your experience. ISHTA Yoga believes the “boutique is yours;” if the shop doesn’t carry what you’re looking for, the staff will order it for you! The boutique is an extension of all ISHTA offers, which includes classes, teacher training, workshops, events, scheduled retreats and spa services.

Integral Yoga Shop

227 W. 13 St.,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-0585

Located at the Integral Yoga Institute, IY Shop enhances the experience of all that is yoga. IY offers books, meditation cushions, yoga mats, clothing and “spiritually uplifting gift items to inspire your journey of awakening. IY promotes sustainability and fair trade for over 40 years. Integral Yoga has branched out to health, nutrition and wellness with Natural Foods and Natural Apothecary, which endorses the true meaning of yoga: “Living with the body, mind, and spirit in harmonious union.”


254 Windsor Place,
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 541-1382

YogaSole in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, is well known for its commitment to the art of yoga, and the studio’s dedication to the local consumer base. To enhance the experience, YogaSole has recently opened its yoga boutique. Along with “functional, comfortable, and stylish yogawear,” the salon’s store will offer sustainable, handcrafted accessories. Yoga enthusiasts can also purchase the Jade (no-slip) Yoga Mat, which is environmentally friendly.

Jivamukti Yoga NYC

841 Broadway 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-0214

As one of the oldest yoga centers in America, Jivamukti Boutique is a natural extension of the school’s tenets. Both the New York studio and online store features cruelty-free, animal-free, recycled, sustainable, and organic products. Choose from an array of body care, Jivamukti clothing, recipes and yoga books, teas, spirit beads and a variety of gear every yogi requires. Most of what is available online could be found in the Union Square yoga boutique.

Paragon Sports

867 Broadway,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 255-8889

Since 1908, Pargaon Sports on 18th and Broadway has been the go-to spot in New York City for sporting goods and apparel. While not relegated to all things yoga, Paragon boasts a large section of items related to and for the regimen. Choose from no-slip socks to Grippy Yoga Gloves, and all apparel and undergarments needed for a successful yoga experience, as well as equipment such as straps, mats, and yoga blocks. From June through August, Paragon Sports schedules fitness events in the neighborhood with Summer in the Square, including yoga classes.


15 Broad St
New York

Yoga is all about finding your inner Zen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fly while your perfecting every pose. Stemming from Indian roots and possessing a modern flair, the gear here is made from high-performance fabric and eco-friendly color-safe dyes. Scoop up clean and simple designs for women like leggings ($96) and tanks ($55) and Sherpa tees ($84) and long-sleeve shirts ($85) for men.

Expect for Lululemon, this is top 10 best yoga wear brands

Yoga wear brand Lululemon customers are furious since founder Chip Wilson commented in 2013 that his pants don't work for everyone.

There is opportunity for Lululemon's competition, according to a report by Sterne Agee.

Fortunately, spurned Lululemon customers have no shortage of options for new yoga wear brands.

This is list of top 10 best yoga wear brands beside Lululemon:

Athleta yoga wear

Athleta, which is owned by Gap, has been rapidly expanding its store base. Like Lululemon, Athleta puts emphasis on community and in-store events.

There were even rumors that Athleta was poaching yoga instructors from Lululemon. Athleta could be Lululemon's greatest threat because it has the resources to expand quickly and offer similar clothing at lower prices.

Nike yoga wear

Nike has recently built a formidable women's yoga line, with plans to expand even more.

With its ubiquitous store presence, Nike has the opportunity to hook customers who Lululemon can't even reach yet.

Zella yoga wear

Zella is Nordstrom's in-house yoga brand. The brand caused a stir with yoga fans in 2009 after it was revealed that Nordstrom had poached one of Lululemon's top designers.

Zella has the same elite client base as Lululemon, and has received rave reviews among yoga fans. Unlike Lululemon, the brand comes in plus and kid-sizes.

Calvin Klein yoga clothing

Calvin Klein's yoga brand is carried in major department stores like Macy's.

Its aesthetic is so similar that Lululemon sued the brand for allegedly copying its "Astro" yoga pants. The companies settled out of court.

Zobha yoga clothing

Certified yoga instructor Jamie Hanna started the Zobha brand in 2008. Today, it is available at 350 stores around the world.

Like Lululemon, Zobha is considered luxury. It opened a 2,000 foot flagship in San Francisco last year, and has a popular men's line.

Under Armour yoga wear

Under Armour decided to invest in its women's business. The company, which is already known for its moisture-wicking fabric, is expanding its store base.

To appeal to women, Under Armour is redesigning many stores and acquiring top talent. Wall Street sees its Studio yoga line as a top competitor.

Lily Lotus

Lily Lotus is an ecologically friendly, Hawaiian brand that's available in boutiques around the world. The brand is known for its eclectic, stylish look.

As a boutique brand, Lily Lotus could appeal to Lululemon fans who are disillusioned by the retailer's rapid expansion and quality control problems.

Old Navy

Gap's Old Navy brand also got into the high-tech yoga business. Old Navy expanded its active-wear line in 2011, and the move has been credited with improving sales.

Old Navy's yoga line comes in tall and plus sizes. At $12, the yoga pants are irresistible to consumers.


Soybu is a sustainable active-wear brand available at many major sporting goods stores. Its clothes are made from soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled materials.

Soybu's environmental values are increasingly appealing to consumers. It's also more affordable than Lululemon.


Prana is available in outdoor stores around the country. With $50 tank tops and $80 yoga pants, the brand is similarly priced to Lululemon.

Prana is already established in the men's business — a market that Lululemon is going after aggressively. Despite the brand's growth, many of the original employees remain.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has been expanding yoga offerings in its VSX and Pink lines. The brand has posted record sales for several years, and is beloved by women everywhere.

Victoria's Secret is more visible than Lululemon. It's also big enough to know how to grow without quality control problems.

Mika Yoga Wear

Mika makes clothing for women and has a respectful e-commerce business. It also has about a dozen stores around the U.S.

The brand offers specialty apparel for hot yoga, pilates, and even pole-dancing. Instead of using real models, Mika uses real-life athletes for its promotional materials. It's recently been featured in The New York Times and Maxim.